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Hoop 'n' Loop

Hoop 'n' Loop

Carol Tai

I am excited to announce that I have partnered with the awesome new independent shop Hoop 'n' Loop.

Founded in 2017 by Carol Tai, who having worked in fashion since completing her degree on the subject, decided to set up her own business so that she could incorporate her love of animals into her work.

Inspired by her dog Koko, Hoop 'n' Loop embroiders pet portraits onto a variety of items from jumpers and t-shirts to bags and cushion covers. Each portrait is lovingly hand-drawn from a photograph of your choice and then embroidered, making it the perfect gift for a loved one or simply as a treat for yourself. 

Book your pet photography session with me today and you'll receive a special discount code to use on the Hoop 'n' Loop website. 

The Little London Photographer

Special discount for my clients

Terms and Conditions:

The code is only valid for one purchase per person/household. 

Pet Portraiture

Bow Wow Sketch

Pet Portaiture

Studying Architecture as a mature student opened my eyes to the creative process, and since my degree I have worked in different roles including architecture, garden design and exhibition design.  A  life-drawing class re-awakened the childhood need to draw and draw, and inspired by a friend’s gorgeous Whiplington, Buddy, I decided to focus on painting and drawing dogs. I wanted to create dog portraits that had something a little different about them, and aim to capture the character of each individual dog without replicating the detail of a photograph.  I connect with each dog I paint and the eyes are always a big focus for me, they tell you so much about how the dog is feeling.  My paintings take hours to complete but I try to retain the freedom of expression and immediacy inherent in a sketch, hence the name –

I take great care over each portrait and hope to create both a good likeness of your dog and an original piece of art for your home.


Sarah x

Beauty Banks

Sali Hughes and Jo Jones


For too many in Britain, sanitary products and soapy showers are an impossible luxury. Sali Hughes and Jo Jones are tackling that with Beauty Banks

Read more about what these two women are doing here: and here:

If you have any surplus products, unwanted beauty gifts or a stack of mini toiletries from hotels you’ve visited then send them to:


Please write “Beauty Banks” on every side of the package.

You can also easily donate items via their partner Easho: